Ask Angels and Fairies

Angels are beings made of Light who radiate unconditional love; best known as mediators between humans and God.
Many consider them asexual because they have developed both male and female energies within them. Therefore, their symbol is Hermaphrodite (in the human form) with wings (which signify the celestial spheres).
Although among them there are divisions into male and female angels.
In Greek, the word ‘aggelos’ means ‘messenger’. They are described in the Bible as beings who convey God’s messages and carry out His will. Angels often come to us in our dreams.
They were never embodied on Earth. However, they inspire and guide spiritually developed souls, who act as ‘earth angels’ or ‘lightworkers’.
Angels watch over us with unconditional love and care and are always available to us.

Fairies are light beings that live in forests, nature, among flowers, although they prefer to spend time on the tops of high mountains. They are the guardian angels of Nature and animals. According to legends, they give people happiness and fulfill wishes. At night they can be seen dancing in meadows and forest glades. And sometimes, when they want to hide from people, they turn into beautiful white swans.

Their life task is to ensure the health of Mother Nature. Unlike angels, whose bodies are exclusively astral, fairies have very bright etheric bodies of human size, therefore it is easier for us to see them. They, unlike other angels, live in the denser part of the astral plane, which is in direct contact with the physical plane.

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