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Apsaras are divine nymphs, the wives of Ghandarvas, and the fiery dancers of King Indra (in mythology Indra is the king of the gods, and the god of lightning and thunder).

The spirits of fire are called Salamanders. They look like little balls of fire and are very passionate and mischievous in nature, sometimes they look like naughty children who cause trouble without any evil intent. Without them, material fire cannot exist, without their presence, we cannot light a match.
The passionate spirit of Salamander permeates Apsara.

The beautiful Apsara are found as decoration on many religious temples in the form of wall reliefs and paintings, in seductive dance poses. They play a significant role in Cambodian culture, where there is even a traditionally preserved dance with ballet-like movements, called Apsara Dance.

According to numerous legends, Apsaras are the most beautiful women of the entire creation.


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